Pro Mobile Notary

Pro Mobile Notary

"The Network of Professional
Mobile Notaries"

Need a compelling reason for seasoned, experienced NSAs to join our network?
(We are not taking on entrant or new NSAs.)

North American Title Company has recently increased their minimum E & O coverage for individual notaries to $500,000. This may become an industry trend with all title companies. Do you have that much E & O coverage?

Have you ever had to turn down a signing from one of your regular escrow officers for a Provident Funding loan document signing because you do not have their required $500,000 E & O coverage?

By joining our network you would be covered under our $1 million E & O policy and you would not have to turn away assignments because you do not have enough E & O coverage. You can do those signing through us (provided we invoice that signing) and you can preserve your current client relationships. We respect those relationships and would never interfere with them, unlike other companies (that might cover that assignment you had to turn down) that might try to steal your clients.

Need another reason to join our network?

We will mail a check to our signing agents so that they will have their check in thier mailbox 21 business days of your signing agginment completion. We GUARANTEE we will post a check to be received by you on the 21st day after you do the signing whether we get paid by the client or not!

Now is the time to join one of the most professional and most respected coast-to-coast mobile notary signing services!